Michelle Tillis Lederman Author, The 11 Laws of Likability

7. How do I convert acquaintances into friends?

With patience - which is no easy feat. The most important aspect of building relationships is following up. Don’t let that first conversation be the last. Instead, during that initial interaction, think about what the next point of contact could be. Did they tell you about a vacation they are planning? Maybe you can send them some hotel recommendations or connect them with a friend that just went there. Think about reasons to reconnect and if none come to mind – create one.
But do all this with patience. Relationships can be likened to plants. You need to talk to them, nurture them, and give them time and room to grow at their own pace.

8. How do I tweak my own personal style to enable engaging interactions with different kinds of people?

The fact that you even ask this question mean you are aware that we all have different communication preferences – which is half the battle. The rest is watching body language and vocal cues for indications about those preferences so you can flex to accommodate your conversational partner. Flexing is the temporary adjustment of your behavior to enable increased collaboration and connection. This is not a permanent change or trying to be someone else. Rather think of it as turning up or down the volume on your style. If you tend to be loud and talk a lot and you are with someone more reserved, just tone it down. You don’t want them to feel overpowered by you and therefore unable to see all that is likable.

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