How did you acclimate to a major change in a role that you held?

Why this question is being asked: As change is constant in most jobs, the interviewer wants to know how you deal with it.

Strategy: Share an example from a past position that the interviewer would find relevant to the job you are interviewing for. Describe the situation, the change, why the change presented a problem for you and how you dealt with it.

Sample answer:  The company policy had been to send sales people on the road 75-80% of the time during the year, which allowed us to interact well with potential clients and secure deals. The company slashed the budget for travel, which allowed for travel only half of the normal time. It presented a challenge as I thought that face to face meetings were the best way to sell. I began utilizing technology more, such as Skype and Gotomeeting, to create a connection with clients even if I couldn’t meet them in person. It worked out very well as less time on the road meant that I could spend more time pitching and I ended up selling more!

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